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tessellated again

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." - Hunter S. Thompson


  name: Michael Hauser, transhumanist
 email: mNiOh@gSmPx.nAeMt
 phone: tele.ring 483 68 04
Here is my curriculum vitae.

I strip my soul on Facebook too,
nothing to see on MySpace,
and this is my Soup.
Or you could read ye goode olde blog.

'aware water is an anagram for: we are at war'


I read Slashdot a lot and sometimes moderate the comments.

Recommended authors are: Neal Stephenson, Douglas Hofstadter, Neil Gaiman, Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, Terry Pratchett, Arthur C. Clarke, Douglas Adams, Chuck Palahniuk, Philip K. Dick, ...


You are struck using one of the following programs or systems? I'm doing support and tutorials again; just drop me a message!

Inkscape [] vector graphics editor
The Gimp [] raster graphics, photo manipulation
Blender [] 3D content creation

Vim [] text editor

Debian GNU/Linux [] Linux distribution
Ubuntu [] and derivates...


I produced some MIDI files to be played on a Roland GM-500 years ago. I advice you to find the apropriate patches on the web.
  first.mid   catchy tune going Honky tonk
   fast.mid   one attempt at classical orchestral music
 amient.mid   ... for the elevator
Don't complain about the shitty sound. I told you to get the patches, remember? :)
Long story short: I have put my composing skills to rest for the time being. Check out this guy [] for some really good tracks!


...more on Flickr...

The famous rootstock in Lobau's Dechantlacke, decorated by Betty.

Summer '09

Elea relaxed.

Elea and me under the kitchen table, photo by Alphabetty.


There's only one game [].
Learn more about it on Wikipedia, or immerse yourself completely here.